Guan Chun | Artist, Illustrator, Designer
/ Shanghai / China

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「Boundless Dream」是官純2017年的互動型繪畫藝術項目。







“Boundless Dream” is a Interactive Art Project of Guan Chun since 2017.

As an artist and illustrator whose artworks and colorful art style are well-known and widely loved, Guan Chun only used black and white in the new artworks which were well designed to large repeating patterns, and presented as Limited Edition Collectible Level High Quality Giclée Coloring Prints. Those lines and shapes were created by the Guan Chun, the colors were left to you to fill with your extraordinary imagination, therefore you can enjoy the interesting and exciting process of completing the artwork with the artist together.

BOUNDLESS, simply referring to the borderless artworks, meanwhile in the artist’s opinion it’s expanded to describe minds, thoughts, cosmos, time and lives, which are endless like the infinite loops. In this art project artist Guan Chun’s trying to break the limit of the borders of the painting and create her artworks to individual units with life wills, which can be boundlessly self-duplicated, and will finally become varied brand new art forms. 

From flowers, trees and animals, to mountains, rivers, sun, moon, winds and thunders, form days to seasons, even the genes of human beings, the knowledge system and the culture… everything are self-duplicated and repeating boundlessly until composing a vast dream without exit.

Life is but a Boundless Dream. In this dream there are unbearableness, abhorrence, hopelessness, pains and sorrows, and all that we loved. It’s to short to wake up actually no one wants to.

Guan Chun sincerely invites you into her artist’s “BOUNDLESS DREAM”.